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Registered members of Banner Exchanges agree to any and all of the following qualifications as set forth in this membership terms of use policy.
1.  Any site containing suggestive adult material, information or services which aid illegal activities, hate material, or links to such sites are not allowed to use this service.  Banner Exchanges reserves the right to discontinue service to anyone at any time without notice prior or future.
2.  Members agree that at any point in time a Banner Exchanges banner, another members banner, or a sponsors banner will show on their site in the course of banner rotations.  Members understand that they earn 0.5 credits each time a banner shows on their site and that for every 1.0 credit they earn, that member gets their banner shown on another members site.  This site is a 2:1 banner exchange.  Members supply their own 468X60 banner.
3.  The Banner Exchanges banner must be positioned on a page where the majority of visitors would see it.  A banner can not be hidden.  On pages with frames the same applies.  Members are not allowed to use competing banners on the same page as a Banner Exchanges banner, i.e. any banner which advertises a web site other than a Banner Exchanges' member site.
4.  Members that inflate banner counts with reloading pages or other deceptive devices will be removed and banned for life.  Visitors to member sites must be allowed to back out of the site, rather than being pushed forward or blocked from backing out.  Any members attempting to alter Banner Exchanges html code without written permission are subject to removal.  Members are allowed to use one Banner Exchanges banner per page which includes non use of  competitor banners on the same page.  Members are allowed to use Banner Exchanges banners on as many pages of their site that they wish.  Banner Exchanges reserves the right to revoke any credits members gained by stealing at Banner Exchanges sole discretion.  In addition, it is a crime to steal bandwidth and if you inflate credits we may be forced to make it a legal matter!
5.  No "get rich quick" sites.  This would include a site solely consisting of affiliate member links.   
6.  Members agree that our code is not to be put in pop up windows.
7.  Members agree to accept email notices about their sites subject(s) from Banner Exchanges or advertisers of Banner Exchanges.  These email notices will never be more than once per week.  Banner Exchanges agrees to never sell your email address to address brokers.
8.  The administrators of Banner Exchanges retain all rights to its logo, site design, site content, and information stemming from its operation.
9.  Members agree to all updates of this terms of use agreement.
10.  Banner Exchanges and BannerExchanges.com are owned by
The Domain Barn located at www.domainbarn.com and will follow any terms or policies The Domain Barn puts forth.

Banner Exchanges
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